Why FactoryShop

We realized that Engineers find it really difficult to find suppliers that deliver custom parts at short notice. Identifying a right source is a time consuming process and is usually done through word of mouth, peers or professional contacts. Also, order with shorter lead time demands very high prices. Hence, companies are forced to look out for alternative suppliers in overseas. 

On the other hand, Not all machine shops operate at its capacity.  They have limitations as they operate locally and do not possess enough sales and marketing resources to find more customers or promote their business beyond local areas. 

FactoryShop came into being to provide a solution for all custom metal manufacturing needs and also to make things easy for existing machine shops. We provide access to custom parts with faster lead times and at reasonable prices. Thus Engineers no longer have to rely on sources overseas and they can now carry out their manufacturing in the United States.

Our in-house allocation system ensures that your parts are delivered in days instead of having to wait for weeks. We also have strict quality standards to make sure that parts are of high quality and within tolerance limits.